InfiniChi - Healing Touch of Boulder

InfiniChi at Healing Touch Boulder, Colorado

Welcome to InfiniChi at Healing Touch Boulder! Imagine waking completely rested, fully alive and truly present each moment. Your body moves easily, your relationships are happy and smooth, problems are solved as they arise and you have a deep sense of connection between your inner world and the outer world. Quite simply, the life you were born to live is ignited!

My mission as your Healing Touch Practitioner is to assist you on your journey to discovering this life. Using my hands, heart and intentionality, as well as your input, I am able to assess and clear blockages held in the bioenergy field which surrounds, interpenetrates and flows through your being. When blockages are cleared, disturbances smoothed and depleted areas rejuvenated, your body comes into relaxation and invokes its innate healing.

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  • Enjoy Physical Vitality
  • Enjoy Emotional Well Being
  • Enjoy Mental Clarity
  • Enjoy Alignment with Spirit
  • Enjoy Life!